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Re: Louder timecode -> less skipping

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2012, 11:47
by daniel clark
maybe :idea: langauges is like our music :idea: they are all different,its our main tool to communicate ,express ourselves.we also have to consider our side of the conversation is trying to understand what is trying to be said,

Re: Louder timecode -> less skipping

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2012, 14:14
by barren fell
Had no real trouble you would get my little attack wrong ;)

Of course the sub is a problem (therefore my frequency suggestion).

The slip mat issue is interessing.
I do not use butter rags or so, but I always carry various felt mats around (even some "self made" - thick & soft); and changing could help a lot regarding feedback / noise issues.

Regarding the center hole I have to put a bit blame on MV. About a third of my vinyls have a hole that is too large which could be very nasty when moving the vinyl back and forth to match down beat.

With SSL and NI I do not see this lower quality, with Torq it's even worse. Some Red vinyls I ordered were simply not usable, because the whole were nearly 1mm to wide (!) and sometimes the label touches the last grooves... made a decorative bowl for fruits out of them :evil: and so had a funny gift for a friend.

A beer shower is bad. I try to avoid that someone finds a place to place a drink on "my" table...but there is always a little whole between the cables...grrrrrr

Re: Louder timecode -> less skipping

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2012, 14:40
by Hannes
Quality problems i have seen with all, but as you said especially with torq vinyl...
but lately i blame shops not manufacturers, vinyl just needs proper storing not to bend.
The center hole can quite easily be fixed with some small stipes of tape, thats what i use to fix it.

With slipmats i found thicker ones tend to pass more bass impulses
to the records. Or even vibrate themselves.
So fo me its eigher very thin or the good old technics rubber mats.
When playing regular vinyl they really help in terms of clear sound.

Re: Louder timecode -> less skipping

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2012, 14:43
by BennyB
barren fell wrote:-------------
@DzoniB: If practice this hobby for a longer period of time, have an interest for the technical things, and be willing to spent your money in your passions; you can't avoid to gather some equipment. Time will do.

Well, I got a weak family ground, and I have to concentrate on my Studies, but, I'm saving money for stuff for a long time, and I sucessfully invested in stuff.
I also helped my friend get his MixVibes Vynil gear, so he allows me to use it :)

Re: Louder timecode -> less skipping

PostPosted: 15 Mar 2012, 00:24
by dj_cross_fade
j-kut wrote:No worries, I just tend to use some hiphop-lingo after a couple beers...especially when trying to defend my opinion :lol: but I dont talk like this all the time ;)

regarding, what you experience as bad tracking, there are so many factors:

- heavy bass -> vibrations of course

-almost as important: slipmats (you wouldnt believe how much a difference they make)

-how does the software handle rumble

-is the vinyl plain

-how┬┤s the center-hole

-and of course needles

Personally I have had "problems" with any Timecode in a Club.
Not really show-stopping, just moving waveforms on the not playing deck.

(Well, except one time some party-douche thought a beer-shower was fun, 100 points, right into the booth :twisted: )

o that sucks dont you hate when everyone puts there beer by the both :eek: that used to bug the hell out of me