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Pioneer stuff compatibility

Postby BennyB on 22 Nov 2011, 12:22

I know that Recordbox does it, and as I know Tractor too.

But... I thought about it would be nice to make Cross able to handle Pioneer mixers that has the ability to link up with computer, so the mixers can actually get BPM info from Cross.

This can be good, if you use timecoding with a Pioneer new gen mixer (e.g DJM 900 Nexus, or DJM 2000), and you want your mixer FX perfectly synced with the BPM.
It of course need some effort from Pioneer to publis a firmware for these devices to work with Cross.

Add in mind, that this can extend the user base for Cross. Because I still think that Pioneer gear is awsome. And clubs are equiping themselves with these new gears, and If you are mobile, It can be nice to just hook up your computer with the gear is already there,and be ready to roll :)
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