Is there will be New FX in Cross DJ 1.6.1?

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Is there will be New FX in Cross DJ 1.6.1?

Postby mashuper on 27 Sep 2011, 13:14

It's about 6 months when I started use Cross DJ with U-Mix Ctrl PRO, and I got only one problem: MORE FX! Dear MixVibes, please, add at least ONE new effect to software. I have tried to use U-Mix in other software, but... I don't like it. One is slow, other is glitchy, and another is not have support for your controller (have tried to make mapping by myself, but it was terrible). I'm using external FX control for show, but doing this making FX on master out. So, it's not comfortable to mix :( I think there are many people who will agree with me. If you want, I can be betatester for next releases. I will test all the new features that you will include, and report about any bugs I will found.
Gratefully yours, Mashuper
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Re: Is there will be New FX in Cross DJ 1.6.1?

Postby MixVinz on 27 Sep 2011, 13:38

Hi Mashuper

If you are just a little bit patient, trust me, your request will be answered very soon. :mrgreen:
Let's check with our team regarding the betatest program.

- Seriennummer in Eurem Profil eingetragen?
- Aktuellste Software Version und Treiber installiert? (Download Center)
- Problem bitte KURZ und DEUTLICH erklären!
- MixVibes Version, Hardware, Treiber Version?
- Immer einen Konfig Report mitposten!
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Re: Is there will be New FX in Cross DJ 1.6.1?

Postby daniel clark on 27 Sep 2011, 17:10

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