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Bypass mode suggestion / improvement

Postby pundy on 12 Jul 2011, 01:51

Hi all,
So on the weekend I had a mixup with some friends, and it was the first time with Cross with guys who prefer to mix with CDs. Now as you'd know, once in bypass mode, you don't get any information except for the input volume on the VU meter.

Two things come to mind for improvements:
a) Display the VU meter 'graph' on the top waveform display, moving away from the center point. Obviously you wouldn't be able to see into the 'future' of the track, but even having what is has happened would assist with beat matching etc.

b) Calculate the BPM on the fly and display this number.

Now the functionality of the above would probably require some additional processing on the fly of the input signal, but it would greatly improve the functionality of Cross for bypass mode, and help mesh the two ways of doing things (i.e using timecode vs an actual cd/record).
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