Folder function in Point of sorted your Songs by Genre

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Folder function in Point of sorted your Songs by Genre

Postby Poertsch on 23 Jun 2011, 21:33

Hallo everybody. As a long time i followed Mixvibes in Point of Cross.
So now i was playing with this kind of Software and in all basics i Loved this Software. But there is one little Thing that i not can understand or maybe it will come with an new update.
As followed you load first your songs from your direction. So i was thinking that in the Music,Playlist and Smartlist Window you can create a main Folder with example HIP HOP and then you click on it and create an Under-folder with the name of the Hip Hop Genre. This works fine in Cross. So i was sitting here and was Creating all my main Folders and under Folders name it. than i was moved into my collection List select all my songs with the Genre name and would copy then to my folders.
"Bam" wow there is now chance to do this at that way. You can only select Songs and Create a new Playlist a new Preparelist or put them in Autoplay. Hmm so why i can create Folders that i will not can use them?

Please can you implement this feature in to Cross in the next Update. This will makes so much sense because you can create all your folders first and then select them by past an copy into your created Folders.

This will be wonderful if i can have this feater in future. So then you only click on your main folder and you see all genres sorted in your Genres Folders. And the List will be not so long. because now if you have 20 different Genres you have 20 main folders in the playlist.

thanks Poertsch
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Re: Folder function in Point of sorted your Songs by Genre

Postby sylMV on 24 Jun 2011, 09:16

Hi !

Why don't you use playlists for that? I think it does the trick, doesn't it?


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