Beat grid - not what you are thinking of ;)

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Re: Beat grid - not what you are thinking of ;)

Postby Hannes on 30 Jun 2011, 18:02

I see,
always thought you´re one of those "synq-bashers" ;) ;) ;) ;) :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Beat grid - not what you are thinking of ;)

Postby kelt on 02 Jul 2011, 06:06

I agree with all of you !!!
im a turntable DJ since 7 years, last year i had this traktor s4 controller at home for 3 months.. i got so damned bored of using sync and everything was automatically. thats why i selled this piece of plastic and went back to TT-Djing! luckily i didnt selled my Technics!! :D

but the hot-cues never works for me! there are simly always in the wrong position. when i push the hot cue while playing its always out of sync, maybe i do something wrong... :D

in fact: i would only have to say, im really not a friend of only digital and sync and Word censored (guess you find it I love walking on it) like that! sorry for bad english..^^
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Re: Beat grid - not what you are thinking of ;)

Postby boc on 02 Jul 2011, 11:57

try to mess up with your latency settings then, i think that causes the delay (meaning the hotcues dont start/jump exactly in time when you hit the btn)
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Re: Beat grid - not what you are thinking of ;)

Postby dj_cross_fade on 11 Sep 2011, 01:33

+1 on beat grid and snap :D
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