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Re: [Cross] MIDI suggestion

PostPosted: 01 Jan 2012, 13:11
by iwaiwa

i was surprised also that: seeking through the preview player was missing as a MIDI choice.

many times the DJ needs to quickly seek through a prospective (preview) song as they prepare next songs and playlists

currently, (for me) seeking through preview player is the only feature that i have to keep going to the the mouse.

everything else i have MIDI mapped to my x-session (inexpensive m-audio MIDI controller) and korg padkontrol (16 pads, multiple banks). (personally) i don't use, nor need jog wheels.

Cross is awesome. very impressed. having more fun with it than Traktor Pro 2 (i've been using Traktor for the past 4 years). everything in CrossDJ is "right there" (vs Traktor). excellent, easy to use media management.

congrats to the designers, engineers and coders for this great DJ software

Re: [Cross] MIDI suggestion

PostPosted: 01 Jan 2012, 13:30
by iwaiwa
also recommend (my personal opinion/input):

Preview Seek only needs a 0 through 127 Fader/Knob (direct integer) MIDI control (which allows going from the absolute beginning to absolute end of song in 1/127 increments). Knob/fader all the way to left = beginning of song. Knob/fader all the way to the right = end of song. no need for any "smart seeks" on a Preview Seek MIDI control.