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Dusted off my Mixvibes DVS system... can anyone help?

PostPosted: 06 Sep 2020, 20:22
by chetan99
Due to Covid, I’ve just dusted off my (very) old Mixvibes DVS (Ultimate with U-Mix 44) and have found I can no longer run the software on my laptop as there’s no support for W10 now.

I’m running a classic set up; 2 turntables and an external mixer with Stanton Concorde carts.

I’ve tried out the Cross Pro demo, but am getting a bit frustrated as (putting the 15min time limit to one side) I cannot find a way to play regular old vinyl without having to unplug the U44 from my mixer. The sound quality isn’t the greatest either.

I’ve tried to run Traktor but I run into a lot of issues when trying to set up the software (left line in not being picked up and ‘low quality’ message popping up). So I struggled to even set it up - I’m sure it had something to do with U44 age. But that’s only a guess.

I know I’m running an old piece of kit, but does anyone have any ideas on if I could get U44 to work or any other suggestions.

I would be very grateful.

Thanks all!

Re: Dusted off my Mixvibes DVS system... can anyone help?

PostPosted: 07 Sep 2020, 21:22
by RoJeC
I'm not a user of the U-Mix 44 so don't now exactly. My Vestax device from trhe same era wouldn't work with W10 no more.

For the U44 please be sure to use the 32bit version of Cross as the driver isn't 64 bit.

If this works you could try installing the driver. This can use the (16bit) u44 in the 64bit version of Cross.
You have both 32 and 64 bits installed by default.

Also for soundproblems with other soundcards the asio4all driver can be a solution.

For you purpose there is no advantage in using 64bit.

Last update for your DVS version was about 15 years ago.. SO not just not compatible with W10. (though till W8 people had it working occassionaly)