Numark N4 Software Problem!!

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Numark N4 Software Problem!!

Postby Dembe on 07 Aug 2019, 15:09

I have already posted about this but I think the post has been left now. Does anyone have any experience running the N4 with Cross DJ?

I started out with a U-Mix Control Pro 2 with Cross DJ, upgraded to a Twitch with Serato, didn't like the lack of jogs and I couldn't use Cross DJ so got an N4 with an extra 2 channels, jogs and new Cross DJ support. But it doesn't work properly!

Deck switching on decks 2 and 4 changes decks 1 and 2 :( There also seems to be a few issues with it crashing when I pause one song and load another at the same time (quick mixing).

If the Mixvibes team could fix this, or suggest what could be wrong with my unit I would greatly appreciate it! I am looking at getting a DDJ-SX for use with Cross DJ if I start getting gigs.
I honestly believe it is the best software out there and in a few years (with addition of a few more effects :p) it will be stealing all of the Traktor and Serato fan boys. Serato doesn't even have key analysis!!!!

Keep up the good work!
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