Control Remixvideo with tablet template for Touchosc

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Control Remixvideo with tablet template for Touchosc

Postby dfrank on 02 Aug 2017, 16:44

Hello to all VJ's users or future users of RemixVideo
I just finished a MIDI mapping to control RV via an Android or Mac tablet with the PC mac software Touchosc * which in my opinion is the best solution to see create a custom interface with the right number of pad sizes their layout , Adding text to numbering and more all with the editor touchosc-editor-1.8.3 Mac or PC or Linux
After tests I can assure you that it works very well it is very reactive no latency up to 10 simultaneous triggering according to tablet is very good for the fader or the cells and it is monstrous with the effects trigger and Control vi the pad X and Y. On this point no MIDI controller supports comparison.
The most negative point and on the rotary knobs are much less easy and practical on tablet than with a controller but there are 2 solutions including 1 revolutionary paste using rotary suction cup directly on the tablet as on a hardware controller It is genial one transforms this tablet in veritable controler for 50 € * or the addition in case of need of a small controller with fader and rotary like the KORG NANOKONTROL 2 for all the rotary controls I want to control because video remix supports Several controllers

You can download the MIDI mapping from Touchosc for Video Remix for tablets in 1920x1080 or 1900x1200 formats for other 1280 x 800 or QHD formats you need to edit the MIDI template via Touchosc editor by changing the resolution and resize the pads and more without changing The MIDI config already performed, it should take you 30 minutes max, once realized you just connect your computer and tablet to the same wifi network and run touchosc-bridge-1.4 that you will have installed before to be able to trigger touch sync At the top of the key and open on the Touchosc app on your phone or tablet in the 1st menu choose "Layout" then add from editor then under found host you see your computer click on it then click on yes to add template on the tablet Then go to MIDI bridge select your computer below found host then click on Done
You will not have MIDI learnings made it's done so that it works I had to create a MIDI mapping "osc tablet full hd (Mixvibes) .mappings" that you just add in the preferences of Remix video MIDI tab then on the penultimate button import in left column add MIDI mapping select it and it's finished
Finally for those who would like to use a tablet to control in wifi without networks available, you have to create a nomadic autonomous network like with small box that holds in the pocket D-Link Dir 506 L which serve a WIFI Cloud Nomade
Good mix Video has all if you have questions do not hesitate
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