Startpositon on Timecode-Vinyl

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Startpositon on Timecode-Vinyl

Postby Quinton on 10 Mar 2017, 11:32

I want to know if is possible to choose the Startpositon on Timecode-Vinyl like, for e.g., in Mixvibes DVS 6.363 with Option "offset" in the vinyl settings menu.
Is there any way to let the track start from elsewhere than only from the beginning in Mixvibes Cross?
It't would be nice if anyone could help me with this question.

Thank you & best regards!
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Re: Startpositon on Timecode-Vinyl

Postby RoJeC on 10 Mar 2017, 13:38

Not exactly sure what you mean...

If you have tracks analyzed the track start at the Cue. This Cue could be at the beginning but also some later, depending on the beatgrid.

If you want a different Cue than analyses determined you can set it somewhere else. This is saved with the track.
Use shift-C when play is active or C(ue) when paused.

There are no tweaks for the analyses algorithm, except for selecting bpm-range.


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Re: Startpositon on Timecode-Vinyl

Postby benny_blanco_cross on 10 Mar 2017, 18:21

No, he is asking if he can offset the beginig of the time code, wich is usefull when you have problems with the start of the time code vinyl (scratches, wear due to too much backspinig on the same part...), and you use the software in absolute mode.
there is an option called lead in time (if i remember right), but it is not as flexible as in the old regreted mixvibes DVS. you can only set an offset in seconds, so it can lead to problems with your physical cue on the record.
hope tht helps anyway
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Re: Startpositon on Timecode-Vinyl

Postby Quinton on 12 Mar 2017, 12:16

This is exactly what I have meant!
So I'm sad to hear that's not possible with in the Cross-Version. Except of the, up to 60sec, lead in time, which is really not the same thing. :(
In the old DVS you was able to choose a location on the Vinyl first and this location than could be assigned to the start position in the Software. They should put this option back in Cross :!:
But like you said when the first part of the Vinyl is damaged, with the Cross-Version your Vinyl is useless and you have to buy a new Vinyl. And maybee thats the reason I'm missing this option now :evil:
Al right than, now I know what I wanted to know. It is bad news but at least news. Thank you for that! :)
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