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Keypoint Control: Use a MIDI Keyboard for Tone Play in Cross

PostPosted: 16 Feb 2017, 01:47
by HawnSolo
Some time ago I was inspired by videos like this...

phpBB [video]

And decided to try and use MIDI and Cross to achieve a similar effect! It is very similar to what is talked about in this article...

Using the Control Active Locator MIDI command along with the Key Semitone commands you can map a keyboard to play a Locator at different pitches. I started calling this Keypoint Control, as a play on "Cue point."

I have found that using a two octave keyboard works great because Cross can shift a track two octaves using the Key Semitones. I originally mapped this using my Rock Band Keytar but pretty much any MIDI keyboard should work!

I have attached my mapping file, but before it is usable you will have to alter, or add some controls to your setup. You need to have control over the Active Locator Select command, either by MIDI or by Key presses.

I have added this command on top of my normal Locator Control so that if I hit the button it also Activates that current Locator, and I also have extra controls so that I can select each Locator and set it to Active without triggering it.
You will need to do this for each Locator (1-8). You could even map this command to the 1-8 keys on your computer keyboard to change the Active Locators without changing your current MIDI maps.

There are three modes in the mapping, one that uses the Key Semitones to change pitch, one that Loops and uses the Key Semitones to change pitch, and one that is more traditional and uses the Pitch Fader set to Speed Mode, allowing for more low octaves. You can change the Active Deck by using the pitch knob on your keyboard, that way you can use one keyboard to control two decks independently.

The Pitch Play mode is less accurate then using Key Semitones (especially in the lower octaves) but is a cool effect and fun to play around with!

Anyway thats all I have for now, hopefully this makes sense and some of you have some fun with this! I will try and make a demo video to show what this is capable of in the future!

Keypoint Control().mappings
Keypoint Control Mapping file
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