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Cross 3 documentation

Postby kugmo on 21 Jan 2014, 19:32

is there an "official" documentation for Cross 3 yet?

all audio configs are ok, but i'm still confused with the video features. if anyone can help, either through this thread, or through documentation snippets, i'd really appreciate it. thanks!
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Re: Cross 3 documentation

Postby rhopkins on 22 Jan 2014, 00:55

+1. I'd like to have a play with the video side of things and I've downloaded the video pack in the Download Center, but have no idea what I'm doing!
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Re: Cross 3 documentation

Postby djdubc on 26 Jan 2014, 01:07

u just have to download from the about section for now for the manual but keep checking as they say they regularly update the manual
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Re: Cross 3 documentation

Postby Technoengineer on 13 Mar 2015, 03:26

It would be nice if the User Guide specified which version of Cross it relates to.
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