Numark N4 Software Problem

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Numark N4 Software Problem

Postby espender on 11 Sep 2013, 00:27

I have already posted about this but I think the post has been left now. Does anyone have any experience running the N4 with Cross DJ?

I started out with a U-Mix Control Pro 2 with Cross DJ, upgraded to a Twitch with Serato, didn't like the lack of jogs and I couldn't use Cross DJ so got an N4 with an extra 2 channels, jogs and new Cross DJ support. But it doesn't work properly!

Deck switching on decks 2 and 4 changes decks 1 and 2 :( There also seems to be a few issues with it crashing when I pause one song and load another at the same time (quick mixing).

If the Mixvibes team could fix this, or suggest what could be wrong with my unit I would greatly appreciate it! I am looking at getting a DDJ-SX for use with Cross DJ if I start getting gigs.
I honestly believe it is the best software out there and in a few years (with addition of a few more effects :p) it will be stealing all of the Traktor and Serato fan boys. Serato doesn't even have key analysis!!!!

Keep up the good work!

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Re: Numark N4 Software Problem

Postby gullum on 11 Sep 2013, 13:03

I don't have a N4 but I did a look at their page and then the mapper. And by the looks of it the N4 has hardware switch for decks and everything is on separate MIDI channels
Mixer is on channel 1
Deck 1 is on channel 2 Deck 2 on 3 and so on.
So left button should be switching between MIDI channel 2 and 4 and Right 3 and 5. according to the mapper the decks are mapped right.
So by the looks of it your N4 is switching the wrong MIDI channels.
But I can't be sure as I've never touched an N4
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