Cross - scaling windows 8 (and 7) for touch screen use

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Cross - scaling windows 8 (and 7) for touch screen use

Postby pwebb on 21 Jun 2012, 16:39

just been experimenting with Windows inbuilt facility to scale up the items in the UI to make input via a touch screen more possible: See attached photos - showing standard 100% scaling - where controls are tiny and very hard to use contrasted with 125% and 150% scaling where you do lose progressively more space for the library but can at least twiddle the knobs and slide the sliders etc without too much difficulty - fwiw - I know I have the control pro underneath but when scrolling through the library its nice to use the touch screen and also can use drag+drop etc without any need for mouse + keyboard = nice.

If you aren't aware where scaling option is, right click desktop in win 7 (swipe right hand edge of screen in win8 and select 'settings'), choose 'personalise' and then 'display' to see options ( I settled for custom 130% scaling btw)

hope that helps someone
1920x1080 with standard scaling - tiny controls

same res - with 125% scaling - a little easier to use controls

150% big controls but small library space on widescreen display
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Re: Cross - scaling windows 8 (and 7) for touch screen use

Postby pwebb on 21 Jun 2012, 18:11

fwiw - the scaling capability in Windows works fine in Cross 2.0 RC too -
I am still getting used to the new interface however so have not loaded on the touch screen equipped laptop yet but the same applies and I have tested on both win 7 and win 8.

I do think the ability to scale-up everything smoothly works better in the win8 O/S over windows 7 however - this may be due to drivers or the underlying graphics stack but there is a visible difference

Either way Cross runs nicely in both 1.7x and 2.0x versions at any level of scaling so you should be able to get it looking right for your chosen display and screen res.

Of course the win 8 O/S really shines with a touch screen - as it has been designed for it, whereas multi-touch capability works no problem in windows 7 - but the O/S is still obviously designed for mouse + keyboard primarily.

No issues yet with control pro drivers etc in win8 - lets hope it stays super stable.
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