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Re: CrossDJ: Desktop-Laptop Sharing Media Drive Question

PostPosted: 31 Jan 2017, 21:55
by MrJL
So I've tried syncing MV across two devices. I used a combination of Synkron and Dropbox to avoid the issue of dropbox possibly causing issues with syncing files during playing. So the folder is on dropbox and I use Synkron to sync it from the dropbox folder.

The only issue I've found is that upon opening mixvibes on my second machine it can't find any of my tracks. Any idea why? Before setting up the syncing of the analysis folder it was finding the tracks in the dropbox fine.

Do the user names on each machine have to be identical so the entire path for everything is identical across both machines?

Re: CrossDJ: Desktop-Laptop Sharing Media Drive Question

PostPosted: 31 Jan 2017, 22:29
by RoJeC
In preferences you set the location of the analysis folder.

This is written in the mixvibes.settings file in the user profile area.
Don't think you should sync this.

The location of the tracks is written in the collection. So they have to be where this location points to.

It would be handy to use the same drive/folder structure. You can however work around this by using '' substitute drives".

I e.g. always use the 'k:' drive for audio in the collection.
At my main PC the audio is in the root d:\music\.
So I run the command "subst K: D:\music" to have this set.
And as I'm lazy I put the line in a batch file which is executed via the startup older of any user.

By changing source folder you can even fall back to e.g. an external disk if needed (like back up USB stick)

ALternative would be to use partititions with identical drive. However I've had some bad experience in setting up partitions in proper working systems.. BTW Also some good...

Re: CrossDJ: Desktop-Laptop Sharing Media Drive Question

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2017, 18:01
by Vyacheslav Saliy
sfronti wrote:Yes, you can create a folder in the external hdd and "drive" Cross (from: Preferences\General tab and select this new folder in "Peak Files Directory") to store Peak files there. You can also create a new folder so you can store your mediabase in external hdd too.

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