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Christmas Deal

PostPosted: 15 Nov 2011, 19:31
by fizzy-lemonade
I wrote a Mail to MixVibes weeks ago:

"Mesdames et Messieurs,
au début je veux vous dire que j'aime MixVibes et vos contrôleur.
Je vais continuer en anglais parce que je suis plus fort.

So I love MixVibes and I want to buy the Control Pro, but the price difference between the Control 2 and the Pro is in my opinion a bit to big (160€ in Europe).
The features you get for the higher price are an interface, Cross DJ and touch sensetive jogs. Now my question/idea: What about a christmas deal where you get the Control Pro and Cross for 299€, because to compare the Control Pro to other competitors deals and software, Cross DJ it's not that good (wheather I like it). So it's compulsory to buy Cross and with the Upgrade the Control Pro costs 348€ and that's a bit expensive.
For the christmas buisness it would also be good, I think. You see I really want MixVibes, but the competitors have attractive offers and good features/functions.

I know many people who are looking for a DJ-software and I recommend MixVibes and then they ask for advantages and MixVibes doesn't have so many extraordinary/unusal characteristics.

I hope you got my question right ;)

Best regards from Germany"

And now they offer the Control Pro with the MixVibes Headphones in a christmas deal. I want to say thank u that you read my letter

Re: Christmas Deal

PostPosted: 18 Nov 2011, 21:55
by rhopkins
Where is this deal?

Re: Christmas Deal

PostPosted: 18 Nov 2011, 22:42
by Blackbrook
Check this

Re: Christmas Deal

PostPosted: 18 Nov 2011, 23:06
by Jim B
I noticed it a couple of days ago.

Not bad deal if you ask me.

Re: Christmas Deal

PostPosted: 18 Nov 2011, 23:19
by rhopkins
Blackbrook wrote:Check this