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Cross (DJ) 1.5.x Numark NDX800 Mapping

PostPosted: 17 Jun 2011, 14:25
by christiankoopmann
Hey community,

I'm currently at a mapping for the Numark NDX800. Currently I have mapped Player A with one Player.
The following functions are aviable:
+ Scratch/Bench Mode with the Jog (only in when touching the jog)
+ Loop in/out
+ Quick Loop (start stop via the Pause button) Loop bigger /smaler via the swap pin in the middle (like it is under CD Mode)
+ FX select + enable Button + Fading in/out (only with no 14Bit MIDI)
+ Buttons 1, 2, 3 at Numark are Location 1, 2, 3
+ remove Location via the REC + Button 1, 2 or 3

I will also upload a picture of every function. and Also a mapping for two player.

Currently I'm developing the ligths on the Numark that they work. Currently only the PLAY button lights up while playing to indicate that it is running.

So I will post new information when I have them. For the new Cross 1.6 I will also create one when finishing all Lighing functions.


Re: Cross (DJ) 1.5.x Numark NDX800 Mapping

PostPosted: 16 Aug 2011, 17:20
by djegun
Any news concerning your mapping?

Re: Cross (DJ) 1.5.x Numark NDX800 Mapping

PostPosted: 16 Aug 2011, 17:39
by christiankoopmann

sorry that I currently not updated the thread but I still waiting for a information from Numark about the MIDI commants and I had much work at company and I had some problems to enrollment at the new university where I want to study my Master.

At the weekend I have some free hours there I will update the file and also create a mappings plan and after that I post it here at the forum to share it to you.