[Tutorial] Smartmixing MixVibes into Ableton Live

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Re: [Tutorial] Smartmixing MixVibes into Ableton Live

Postby jayjayone23 on 17 Dec 2010, 15:40

Hi all.. first post on here..

Had mix vibes for a few months now and totally loving it !!
had a question about routing it through ableton 8.. ( ON MAC )
I can get all the routing sorted and have crisp sound in ableton working great.
Just dont no how to still have timecode vinyls working. because when i choose the soundcard setting in Cross 1.5 to jackpilot and not the U46MK11 I lose timecode playback, as in they wont respond ! and was wondering if any of you guys could let a bit of advice..

thanks in advance
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Re: [Tutorial] Smartmixing MixVibes into Ableton Live

Postby n2ma on 03 May 2011, 16:19

Hi @ all.
I used this method for 4 months and the it wasn't possible any more.
I'm running Jack 1.9.6 on a windows 7 pro system. I'm using jack to root the audio singnals of my digital vinyl system into ableton live. Since one or two months i'm getting this message when I try to start the little .bat script which i supposed to do the job: "Cannot lock down memory (no error)"
I've no idea this message means, and I did not change my windows settings actively....
The Jack Support didn't give me any answers to my requests.
If someone can help me it would be great.
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