Cross Free Audio Issue....?

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Cross Free Audio Issue....?

Postby LiveWire on 09 Oct 2020, 03:50

Hello, I WAS looking to upgrade (Buy) Cross DJ, but I've been having an issue, and not sure whats causing it. ... Cracking audio through pro type speakers. I've searched here, and read a bunch, but haven't found my issue covered. I've used the program in the past without issue. Now, I've purchased a new HP Laptop (win 10) and the audio is cracking. I've tried other PC's, and even Youtube audio on this comp sound perfect. I've tried updating drivers several times, made other recommended adjustments, and reinstalled Cross DJ. ... Still cracking through speakers. It's been a great program up til now, so it's hard to upgrade when it all worked before. I'm kind of at loss on what to do now. Any ideas, or experience with this? Is it the program? The computer? ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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Re: Cross Free Audio Issue....?

Postby RoJeC on 09 Oct 2020, 07:16

Strange you didn't find any info as this is not a rare issue when starting to use Cross or any DJ software.

You have to adjust the latency of the sound card settings in the Cross Preferences. Increase to the value to where the cracking ends.

You likely now use a WDM type driver. You best use an ASIO driver from the list. If you don't have this type listed you can install a virtual one. Download from

After install (re)start Cross. Select the asio4all driver. click the settings to select which soundcard has to be used using the ASIO technology.

This can likely use a latency of 256 or less. This latency is on offset between responsiveness and CPU load.

DJ software need to respond quickly to key-input. It has to feel 'instantly' Where as many other programs use a longer audio buffer. 1 or 2 sec is a 'normal' buffer , but DJing requires closer to 0.005secs.... So your CPU has to 'fill'the soundcard with new audio data a lot more times per sec.


downloads + more forums = Register license(ucp.php?i=169)
Apple store new user? first read viewtopic.php?f=259&t=34199
Manual alternative link: ?
Audio dropouts? Increase audio 'buffer size' value.
FAQ iOS / Android / PC / MAC
Soundcard not available/working? Try the 32bit version of Cross (is also installed).
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Re: Cross Free Audio Issue....?

Postby LiveWire on 09 Oct 2020, 12:41

Awesome! I will try that. thanks for the reply!
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Re: Cross Free Audio Issue....?

Postby LiveWire on 11 Oct 2020, 15:00

Just to report, it worked! Flawless sound this weekend. Thanks!
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