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smartlists don't save (4.2.0)

PostPosted: 29 Jun 2020, 01:52
by sam i am
I created a bunch of Smartlists for BPM ranges. Cross DJ seems to have saved the rules for some but not all of them. I tried using the "Save collection as" option after setting them up for the third or fourth time, but, frustratingly, saving the collection seemed to delete all the criteria I'd set up! They seem to be frozen at a certain point in the evolution of my collection. Whenever I add the criteria, they only last until I close Cross DJ or try to save my collection. When I do either of those things, all my Smartlists revert to the point they seem to be frozen at. I have to set them all up again whenever I start Cross DJ! So annoying. Does anyone else get this?

Re: smartlists don't save (4.2.0)

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2020, 02:56
by soundboyrich
It sound like you are about to pull hairs out attempting to complete a "Smartlist". I predicted it would be forever time consuming for me, so I didn't bother to start a "Smartlist". The bigger your music library the worst it is to create list that i feel should come right out of the box on day 1. At least that's the way the old MixVibes did it.

I posted a request in the Request area, viewtopic.php?f=360&t=40353 .

Any DJ software needs to be able to sort Tags right out of the box, I shouldn't have to generate trivial groups of my music library.

Re: smartlists don't save (4.2.0)

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2020, 12:28
by sam i am
the list rules aren't completely trivial. They're mostly set up to make mixing half-time stuff easier. I haven't found software yet that can deal with the fact that 80BPM is the same as 160BPM, so it's not a big deal to set up lists to deal with it. I'd like them to save though!