Frustrated to no end...

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Frustrated to no end...

Postby ekwalberg on 14 Jun 2020, 01:10

I don't know where to start... every few months I try to start using the software because it has some cool features, but it feels like a dumpster fire of dysfunctionality. The manual is no help, the search function on this forum also no help.

I bought pro thinking maybe it was a "free" version problem that caused so many buttons to do nothing... wrong.

Example 1: The little plus and minus buttons next to the pitch bend bar. Should they do anything? I can't find any way of getting them to do what they look like they should do.

Example 2: Master Manual Mode. Do you know what it is? It's not in the manual. I would love to use it to set the temps/pitch. I managed (once) to get it to modify the B channel pitch, then I once managed to get it to modify the A channel. Finally noticed that if the "sync" buttons are activated on a particular deck, it will then work. Is there a logic to that? Probably, but clarified nowhere.

Example 3: When in Autoplay, trying to request to skip to the next song will often crash music playback, stopping music playback and losing the output. Classy.

Example 4: When using Autoplay, with "autoplay in sync" checked and "static sync" checked, it will STILL not consistently sync one song to the next. It will modify the incoming song so that the pitch/BPM is correct, but it still won't match either the beats or beat cycle. If I want them to match, then I have to manually unselect and reselect sync. Makes no sense.

:eek: :cry:

It is so frustrating. I feel like the software offers some really non-traditional features (which I LOVE), but then nothing actually works as it should, and no way to figure out how to get things to work, no explanations! I believe people are working hard, but man It feels really half-baked (or only half supported).

Is all of this totally intuitive to expert DJ's, and I'm just an idiot? In some ways, I'm trying to figure out who this software is actually marketed too. Is it trying to carve out a niche with novel features like autoplay, syncing features, good pitch modification (that might be frowned upon by the old traditional DJ's) then maybe this software should have more intuitive helps/support for those who aren't already heavily experienced?

PS. the fact that you can toggle in and out of Autoplay is GREAT! It makes it MUCH more useful for me. I can jump into the middle of a song and mash-up the upcoming song into the first, and then turn Autoplay back on and walk away. PROBLEM 1: It's terrible that I have to select which deck when I (re)activate Autoplay, because if I get it wrong, it ruthlessly cuts to a totally new song (senseless buzzkill). Autoplay should actually just work in the background as an idiot proofer. You "should" be able to jump into an autoplay mix without "stopping" anything. You should be able to play the next song and adjust the fader to mash up songs (or whatever), and then regardless, Autoplay should see you're at the end of a song and automatically load next songs and push the fader over as necessary.
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