Need advice with downgrading back to Mojave.

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Need advice with downgrading back to Mojave.

Postby Amywoloz on 29 Oct 2019, 22:07

Hey all

So I was foolish enough to update my MacBook on Friday, only to find that protools (in which I do most of my uni work and other work) doesn’t even open. I’ve since been doing research and spoken to someone at the Apple store and learned that due to not having a time machine backup, my only solution is to do a clean install of Mojave’s by creating a boot installer.

My question is in regard to creating a backup now, I’ve been recommended and have bought Get Backup Pro to back up my MacBook as my understanding is that if I do a time machine backup now, it will just restore Catalina as well. But I am unsure whether to create a clone, or to just create a backup of my macintosh HD.

Hoping someone here can give me some advice. What’s going to be my fastest backup/restore option to restore my files and applications after I’ve done the distance from charlotte nc to atlanta ga 700 euros to dollars clean install of Mojave? Trying to avoid spending days re-installing things because I have assessment due at the end of this week

I’m also creating a time machine backup now in case something goes wrong
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