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Help! U-Mix Control Pro (v.1) and Windows 7 x64

PostPosted: 13 Oct 2019, 00:03
by placid_river

I have U-Mix Control Pro (v.1) with Firmware 4.3 and v.1.0.5 Volume Panel & Asio driver.

After installation of Panel&Driver on Windows 7 x64 i turned on the device. Windows found it like "MixVibes U-Mix Control Pro" sound device, which is ok. But i can't choose any channels for Playback\Record (Control Panel->Sound). There is only 1 device for Playback and 1 for Record which i can choose for default. It is not like "U-Mix blabla channels 1-2" and "U-Mix blabla channels 3-4" for playback, but only "MixVibes U-Mix Control Pro" and when i choose it, it doesn't work. No sound from Windows.
Also, there is a message in "U-Mix Control panel" : "unable to control output level, go to "control panel>sound>playback", select U-Mix, then go "properties>levels" and control it there.
Ok, but there is 4(L,R,Center,Low) output levels instead of 2(L,R). At the same time in "Adjust" dialogue window of selected "U-Mix blabla" device, there is no options like 2.0 stereo or 5.1 surround, this table is empty, BUT when i clicked "Check" button, there was a sound (probably on channels 3-4 of "U-Mix", i used headphone output).
Device works with Traktor Pro, but only "WASAPI (Shared mode)". I can choose "ASIO", but it doesn't work.
MIDI controls works fine with traktor in WASAPI mode, or with any other sound interface in ASIO mode.

Heeelp! Please!