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Importing Mixvibes Producer mediabase into Cross DJ

PostPosted: 09 Oct 2019, 09:21
by joostenw
I have previously sent the information below to you by email, then posted in the general chat forum, but in both cases I have not received a suitable reply.

I am an old Mixvibes Producer (V7.2.18) user, but because this version is not longer supported by Mixvibes, I am considering to switch to Cross DJ Pro 4. But that is not as simple as I had hoped.

I have installed the demo version, and it appears that it is possible to read data from third parties (Traktor, Virtual DJ) without any problems, but not from the own older Mixvibes Producer software.
I do not understand that there is support for third party software, but not for the own (older) Mixvibes products.

When it is not possible to import my old Mixvibes Producer mediabase (.vib), which consists of at least 5000 audio files, and which I have provided with relevant information (labels), then I have to enter again manually the information for these 5000 files.

In that case it no longer matters if I choose Cross, Traktor or Virtual DJ because it is all the same amount of work.

Because of that, my question is, why should I prefer Cross DJ Pro 4 (99,50 euro) above Traktor Pro (99,00 euro) or Virtual DJ Pro (99,00 euro)