Simply lost with XONE 23C and Cross DJ

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Simply lost with XONE 23C and Cross DJ

Postby 23e Heure on 26 Aug 2019, 11:55

Hi there,

I've been using CrossDJ 3 and a XONE23C for a few years.
I have it hooked up to 2 x 1210s, and I mix using traditional vinyl and DVS.
I haven't used it for about 6months, and now am having such a headache getting it to work!

When I was last using it, sometimes when I booted up CrossDJ3, it wouldn't 'see' the DVS/timecode input.
I would usually spend about half an hour trying to remember which (unintuitive) button to press to toggle the input to work for DVS, and then off I would go again.

This time however I just couldn't work out what to press and.seeing that to use Soundcloud I need CRossDJ4, I paid for the upgrade in the hope it would just 'fix' the issue.

No joy though... in fact I'm even more lost with v4!

I cannot figure how to get CrossDJ to see the input from the XONE23, nor can I get it to 'use' the timecode vinyl input to drive the eps files on CrossDJ.

CrossDJ definitely sees the XONE23.
When I go to Audio Preferences, it is selectable in the dropdown for both Input and Output.
I have tried every combination of settings for Audi Prefs:


But the only way I can start/stop/manipulate the audio files on the decks on Cross DJ is manually, by pointing and clicking at the on screen controls.


How do I activate and start using DVS!!? HELP! :lol:
23e Heure
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Re: Simply lost with XONE 23C and Cross DJ

Postby jaymarkus on 26 Aug 2019, 13:02

You´re right Cross doesn´t support soundcloud yet.

I think you have bought the false Version of Cross 4

CrossDJ4 Controller or Mouse
CrossDJ4 Pro has DVS and HID control

in crossDJ4 Pro there was additionally a Tab next to Audio (Vinyl/CD)
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Re: Simply lost with XONE 23C and Cross DJ

Postby 23e Heure on 26 Aug 2019, 14:14

Duh! Looks like you are right, you need 4 PRO for DVS :rolleyes:

I am now trying to get a refund on the upgrade, so I can re-purchase an upgrade to PRO version.
IN the meantime, I have another question:

How do I use 4 PRO (or 3.3) to record output from my XONE 23?

I want to use it to create WAVs of my vinyl collection.
Again... I can't find a way to map the Audio Prefs so that the input from the mixer is showing up.

23e Heure
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Joined: 22 Feb 2015, 16:10

Re: Simply lost with XONE 23C and Cross DJ

Postby soundboyrich on 27 Aug 2019, 02:18

Guys, did you not read my post, . Cross Pro 4 cannot calibrate 2 turntables as yet. No response from the developer team if it will be addressed. Cross Pro4 is useless to me without this being able to use turntables & DVS.
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