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Re: Cross V4 Turntable input & calibration

PostPosted: 26 Oct 2019, 03:46
by soundboyrich
I come back a few days later, open Cross 4.1.0 and the turntable speed is back to normal 33rpm back to normal and not 45rpm flipflopped.

What still persist is the gain plot when you calibrate the turntable doesn't plot on Deck 2 as I mentioned before. I check 2 on the UI and click through the turntable display settings, the results are the same... . I go into Preferences, click calibration on Deck 2 and problem persist.

I go back into Preferences, toggle the check box for Deck 2, click calibrate and the turntable plot comes back. The rotating bar is stuck at 12 o'clock and doesn't rotate with turntable position.

So it appears there is problem with Decks keeping or loading their calibration setting. I don't know the cause but discovered a way to clear the problem.