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Missing MixVibes 1.2.9 license

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2019, 01:14
by LarkinBarkin
I received MixVibes Cross LE on a CD that was bundled with my ION Discover DJ station. This was a few years ago. I now want to install it on a new MacOS desktop, but once it's installed, it's asking for a license key that was on the sleeve. Sadly, I stored the CD in a disc binder, and have no clue where the sleeve wound up. Is it possible for me to restore the key to the software?

For Tech Support: I'd be happy to send you a photo of my ION controller and the physical CD as proof, if it helps :).

Re: Missing MixVibes 1.2.9 license

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2019, 20:31
by Team@Mixvibes

Unfortunately we no longer have a record of the license keys for older versions of Cross DJ and older programs, so there is no way for us to recover the license info.

The hardware should still be fully compatible with our latest release which you can test the full demo found here: Demo Download

Adam @Mixvibes