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Vfx Controller Standalone?

PostPosted: 30 Jun 2019, 22:37
by tvicky_germain
Hi, i purchased a Vfx Controller a few years ago and it has never worked. It took forever for me to figure out this forum and now need help. The Cross software CD that came with it is blank. I have downloaded the newest version of Cross DJ, but this doesn't recognize the controller. Other thing software recognize it, but ask 300 dollars to use it with their platforms. I initially purchased the device because it was standalone. Please help!


OS: Windows 7 64 bit

Re: Vfx Controller Standalone?

PostPosted: 01 Jul 2019, 09:10
by RoJeC
Try connecting to a differnt USB port. Preferably a USB 2.0 port.

Wait a while before starting Cross as the OS has to install the connection in the background.

Cross will use the Vfx if it is active in the OS at the moment Cross is started.

In some occasions a reboot is needed after a connection with the new USB port is set.

Once it works it 's usually best to keeep using the same USB port.