Cross DJ 4 - Graphics Lag/Latency/Slow problem

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Re: Cross DJ 4 - Graphics Lag/Latency/Slow problem

Postby sfronti on 03 Oct 2019, 15:46

Unfortunately nothing has changed since the 4.1 release with all these graphic lag issues. Also, change the skin or give us an alternative solution. This skin is only for tablets. Totally disappointed with Cross 4 and stick to 3.4.3.

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Re: Cross DJ 4 - Graphics Lag/Latency/Slow problem

Postby Hanginon on 03 Oct 2019, 17:36

I guess it's time I shared some PM's. This is not something I take lightly, but there is something very wrong at Mixvibes with V4.
On 25 August 2019 I sent this to Team@Mixvibes -

"The Failure of V4
Sent: 25 Aug 2019, 07:24
by Hanginon

Cross DJ 3.4.3, despite a few significant flaws, remains my DJ software of choice. I used to be active on the Forum hoping Mixvibes would respond, hoping for further development and involvement. They never did, and still don't (even with V4).

The "rumor" of V4 existed for a few years. One year ago I was offered a peak at it (V4 Alpha), to which I said I wanted nothing to do with it. IMHO, it was too broken, and Mixvibes was moving in the wrong direction. There is a big difference between doing something different because IT IS REALLY BETTER, and doing something different JUST TO BE DIFFERENT (V4's problem)!

Imagine my surprise when a "self-funded" Beta of V4 was released, which for all practical purposes was the same thing as the Alpha. I can only assume you were "testing the waters" to see if anyone was still interested in Cross after such a long lapse in development. This became V4.0.0 (still with major regressions from V3.4.3) and now V4.0.1.

Except for a small cautionary blurb in DJWORX about the V4 Beta, it has been ignored by the DJ press - rightly so. If you are a real working DJ, it is terrible.

Lets look at the numbers. Total Beta downloads - 104. Total V4.0.0 downloads - 102. Total V4.0.1 downloads - 80. Many of these (like me) have been done under the same license, so it's really hard to tell, but bottom line, V4 has made very little money. Fortunately, no real expense on your part either, since the development work for V4 was really done years ago.

I try to remain positive about Mixvibes and still hope it succeeds - it's the reason I'm writing this here as a private message, and not on a Public Forum.

Having said that, I'd like a response from someone of authority at Mixvibes as to exactly what is going on, and why you people shouldn't be ashamed of yourselves. Basically, how could you do this?

I don't know if V4 is fixable, and surely you are aware of it's financial short fall. It is definitely NOT FIXABLE by having a bazillion messages about it scattered all over in the Forum. Set aside a specific area for V4, GET INVOLVED, and stop acting like you know more than true working DJ's. You don't."

They responded on 28 August 2019 -

"Re: The Failure of V4
Sent: 28 Aug 2019, 10:56
From: Team@Mixvibes
To: Hanginon

Hi Fred,

Sorry for the latency in response. Most of the team is away at the moment, and it's always hard to keep up with the forums.

As you no doubt know, the Mixvibes team is currently very small in numbers. We have four developers who are taking care of all the apps for the entirety of the different platforms we offer them on. That's all the different versions of Cross DJ (Free, Pro, DJ) on Mac, PC, iOS and Android ; that's Remixlive on the aforementioned four platforms ; that's Beat Snap on iOS and Android ; that's Remixvideo on Mac and PC ; not to mention the smaller projects (Beat Detect, etc.)

We have read your complaints and the messages of others on the forums, and are very glad to read your feedback. We will need time to keep on working on improving Cross DJ 4 for the aforementioned reason. Right now I am working on communication for Mixvibes as an independent contractor, and as such I don't have any power over the decisions being made by the company.
However, I will ask next week when I'm back an answer regarding the timetable for the next round of bug fixes and improvements to Cross DJ 4. The reason I'm telling you over private message is because you ask, however if and when I have a more concrete and definitive answer regarding that, I will post on the forums in the various topics about the bugs to inform the other users of when we expect things to be fixed.

Sorry again for the long radio silence, I'm taking time out of the day today specifically to answer your queries as well as questions from the moderators here on the forums, mostly because I happen to have some free time, which is not usually the case. I will do my best to try and keep you guys informed on any new developments.

Hope you're enjoying the summer!

Alex @Mixvibes"

It's now 03 October 2019, Version 4.1.0 has been released, yet very little has changed. Huge graphics/CPU load issues, no involvement of Mixvibes on THE FORUM, no single place on the forum for V4 discussion, and more and more loyal Mixvibes Cross DJ customers becoming disillusioned. Oh yes, let us not forget increased competing commercial pressure from your buddies at Atomix with the release of VDJ 2020.

This all started back in March, 6 months ago, yet I (like others) still rely on 3.4.3 - I wouldn't dare gig with V4. THIS IS NOT GOOD!

Lastly, please note that the person who kindly responded, Alex, is a Contractor! It kind of makes you wonder where Mr. Eric Guez is in all of this. While he may not be directly involved, it was originally his baby.
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Re: Cross DJ 4 - Graphics Lag/Latency/Slow problem

Postby Team@Mixvibes on 08 Oct 2019, 17:24

Hi all,

I believe some clarification is necessary.

As mentioned above in the PM I sent to Hanginon, our team is very small and working on all the software all at the same time.

This is the reason why the progress has been slow regarding Cross DJ 4, as after the release our developers have had to concentrate their time and effort in other places — with software and updates that may not even have been released yet.

However, there is a plan in place for Cross DJ 4 ; as mentioned in a PM I just sent to Hanginon in response to his latest, there is going to be direct communication between Adam (HawnSolo on here) who takes care of the support for us on our email address, and our dev team, in order to better prioritize the bugs to be fixed in Cross DJ 4.

The issue with 4.1 is that, since Adam (through no fault of his own, he's a champ and he's really been doing his best) was unavailable for support duties over the summer, we were working almost in the dark in terms of the fixes to be made. As such, things have been fixed but not all of them, and for the current problems we will need more dev time and more debugging for the next version if we want to address them.

As such, I'm hoping that this new system will allow us to be more efficient when looking at the problems in the current version of Cross DJ 4 and hopefully make the product even better.

However as also mentioned, checking the forums is very time consuming for our small team. I'm doing this at the moment because I'm taking time out from working on other things, in order to try and make sure that we don't miss anything here…
The moderators and other users will still be the primary source of support here on the forums ; but the direct line to us in terms of support issues is the support email, accessible via the form on this page (using the tab marked "Support").

I hope this clears some things out, but don't hesitate to ask if you have other questions regarding any of this.

All the best,
Alex @Mixvibes
For support requests, you can check out the FAQ and reach our support staff at this page.
Thank You!
Team@MixVibes gives no support on the forums including via PM
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Re: Cross DJ 4 - Graphics Lag/Latency/Slow problem

Postby Frans on 09 Oct 2019, 19:36

Alex, thanks for the explanation.
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