Cross DJ 4 beta problems pt1

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Re: Cross DJ 4 beta problems pt1

Postby Sense of noize on 11 Apr 2019, 10:15

Add my observation:

1. Markers are not changing colors (option color is ON)
2. When running app - buffer size of audiocard is changing to max value (and I have to change it manually every time)
3. Ableton Link - after turning on-off the option, Sync not working correct (it's still "glued" to "outside" master). So I need to tap not only Sync, but also Play button to run track in sync with other... The only help - quit the app.
4. Strange algorythm for hot-ques - most times not in sync with beatgrid and measures (yes, I can do it manually, but defaulf is also expected to be usefull).
5. Couple of times the knobs EQ and FX were deactivated - couldn't figure the exact cause, but every time was the full screen on.

PS. I described only "misbehavior" of app, had no crashes during
session (about 30 minutes mix).

6. Key - not showing changes in key at decks B,C,D (I mean only the difference from original in digit)
7. FX section - there are some problems with font (I see only part of effect name, if it's too long)
Sense of noize
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Re: Cross DJ 4 beta problems pt1

Postby sfronti on 08 May 2019, 13:40

The "cancel Analysis" option is not working.

Thanks a lot
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