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Re: Cross DJ 4 Beta Bug/Crash Report Guide

Postby elsedr on 04 May 2019, 23:43

TinouCAS wrote:
elsedr wrote:
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hi! i\d like to say you that i have registered 4 beta here. downloaded beta to my mac. when i start the app on mac it ask me to create account. i fill everything correctly but when i press create account button app is crashing down!. it happens every time i try to open Cross DJ 4 for mac so that means i have never have a chance to use Cross DJ 4 since i've bought it! it always crashes at the beggining!


Sorry to hear that, I thought this crash was already fixed in the currently available Beta (in the download center).
If you can confirm that's the version you are using, I will look into it.
You'll find the version in the About window (from the menu) : the latest one is Beta 20190327.

Yes, I’ve used the latest beta. And it’s never work for me.. I don’t know anything on does previous betas work or not. I’ve just preordered Cross DJ 4 and only try to start with the latest beta build. And have got the worst result of possible (
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Re: Cross DJ 4 Beta Bug/Crash Report Guide

Postby djfresh59 on 13 May 2019, 01:35

Cross DJ 4 Beta Bug ------ Window 10 pro 8 gigs ram i5 desktop
open to black screen.
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Re: Cross DJ 4 Beta Bug/Crash Report Guide

Postby BertMcDert on 21 May 2019, 07:16

Well, I just heard about the update and downloaded that. Right off the bat it's got the same problem of being pinned to the bottom-right of the screen, not filling the entire screen. And it seems like the buttons actually exist where they're supposed to, not where they're showing up. For instance, when I mouse over the spot where the full-screen expansion icon *should* be, it lights up where it actually *is* and makes an attempt to expand. But it never quite makes it there. The decks and play buttons are the same way, but at least they do actually load and play. I'll try the 32-bit version next; maybe that one will work better.
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Re: Cross DJ 4 Beta Bug/Crash Report Guide

Postby BertMcDert on 21 May 2019, 07:20

Update: 32-bit has the same issue, which really interferes with being able to do anything else to test drive it.
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Re: Cross DJ 4 Beta Bug/Crash Report Guide

Postby redocoder on 26 Oct 2019, 00:05

Toggle External Display does nothing, does not activate fullscreen on second monitor, any idea on how to get this to work?

Cannot separately load video/audio tracks?

No Spout support at all?

Forced to buy Soundcloud Go+?

I am running Cross DJ 4.1 Pro on Windows 10 build 18362, any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Cross DJ 4 Beta Bug/Crash Report Guide

Postby skelletor03 on 19 Nov 2019, 17:56


Not sure if this belongs here since it's about the beta version and I'm writing to report on the full/paid for version of Cross DJ 4.1 that I have installed. Here's my issue:

The 64 bit version of Cross 4.1 still crashes whenever I attempt to select the correct soundcard output ("ASIO" is the default on the software, but it needs to be "Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro ASIOv4all" etc.). That being the case, I then started up the 32 bit version of Cross 4.1, selected the correct soundcard setting and worked just fine. However, a big issue I noticed is that the visualizations and controls for the UI are super laggy/latent :( Sound-wise, everything appeared to be normal, so the music output itself wasn't affected, just the software interface. For me, this was a non-starter and ultra-annoying when performing live. I hope that Mixvibes can fix/address the issue since I basically had to revert once again to the 32 bit version of Cross DJ 3.x (whatever the most current version was before 4). That version of the software works perfectly and I'm very disappointed that I paid money to upgrade to a newer version that so far I haven't been able to use for the past few months.

FYI, I'm on Windows 7 64-bit using a Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro controller so I don't really think it's a hardware issue on my end. Any help would be appreciated and if necessary, please move this post to the appropriate support forum. Thanks!
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Re: Cross DJ 4 Beta Bug/Crash Report Guide

Postby RoJeC on 19 Nov 2019, 22:37

Your post is fine here.
Please don't post the same issue twice. Waste of your time as well as of users trying to help you out finding out that it was repleid to in other post.
Also causes info of your side to be spread whcih might make it harder for users to combine details.

The crash you describe does not have the right detais yet.
Which WDM driver do you have installed?
Which Asio4all version?

Asio4all 64 bit is the virtual soundacrd that should be able to handle any 32bit sc driver.
Cross 64 bit is fully 64 bit meaning it will only work with 64bit drivers. This is compiled to make sure there's no loss of performance due to older drivers..

However as you (and many) noticed the GUI performance is way behind what it should be while CPU performace is significantly higher than the previous version.

Pretty sure many still use 3.4.3. and are eagerly waiting for new attempt to get a better version instead of a stripped and mixed up version (with some new FX as the one step forward vs like 10 steps back).

(I deleted your other post on this issue..)


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