Is MixVibes Cross DEAD??????

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Re: Is MixVibes Cross DEAD??????

Postby Hanginon on 21 Feb 2019, 16:32

Could you imagine a posting like this on another DJ software forum, and having ZERO responses in 24 hours?? I think that pretty much gives you your answer.

Despite the V4.0 "Teasers" some have heard of, or that some have even seen, I think it's clear Mixvibes have given up on Cross for the PC/Mac. They never requested meaningful input from the Forum, they are too far behind the competition, it is perceived by too many as abandoned. The most recent survey by Digital DJ Tips now has Mixvibes at the very bottom of all DJ software. KARMA at it's finest!

My problem, as I suspect for many others, is it continues to be my favorite to DJ with. I've tried others, but Cross "just works" for my style of DJ'ing.

Given all that, I suggest we all work together and share work-arounds for some of the "fixes" a V4.0 might have had, based upon concerns raised over the years here.

I'll start. The song is over, but the deck continues to play and gives a flashing "red bar" which is user adjustable for a maximum of 60 seconds, after which it resets to the beginning and looks like it has never even been played. Duh!!

On a PC, open the MixVibes.settings file in NotePad and find <VALUE name="Lead Out" val="some number"/>

The "some number" will be "60000" if you had it set to 60 seconds in the GUI. I've edited mine to "180000" which is 180 seconds, or three minutes. The GUI will still show only 60 seconds, but the red bar will now flash for 3 minutes before the song "resets", a far more usable setting.

That is just one example, I'm sure many of you have others.
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Re: Is MixVibes Cross DEAD??????

Postby daniel clark on 21 Feb 2019, 21:17

:eek: thanks for the help to the new user .. just saying that there was a peep about ver 4 ,, not going to tell you to hold your breath :cool:
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Re: Is MixVibes Cross DEAD??????

Postby kelt on 22 Feb 2019, 20:07

visiting randomly to check if theres something happen, but its not and thats sad!
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Re: Is MixVibes Cross DEAD??????

Postby rhopkins on 28 Feb 2019, 05:12

kelt wrote:+1
visiting randomly to check if theres something happen, but its not and thats sad!

:lol: Same - I check the forum every couple of weeks hoping to see a post saying v4 is coming....
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