Re-imported Cross DJ playlist shows different cuepoints

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Re-imported Cross DJ playlist shows different cuepoints

Postby sirplex on 10 Jan 2019, 23:53

My situation:
I would like to export a playlist from Cross DJ for PC to be imported by Cross DJ for Mac with all parameters such as analyses, cue points, loops etc.

My problem:
As a test, I exported the Cross xml-playlist somewhere on my windows laptop, opened another collection and imported this playlist. Unfortunately the cuepoints it imports are partially doubled partially omitted, e.g. cuepoint 1 and cuepoint 2 are the same, cp 3 and cp 4 are the same cp 5 and cp 6 are the same, cp 7 is unique, so is cp 8. I verified the xml file and found this "error" repeating itself throughout my playlist.

Has anyone experienced the same issue? Is there a solution to this issue?

I haven't tried importing the playlist into the Macbook yet as the problem seems to reside within Cross DJ for PC.

I attached a printscreen of the playlist.

Any help is appreciated.
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