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Remixvideo won't load mov files

PostPosted: 16 Dec 2018, 10:02
by djbigmaxxx

I am very disappointed with this software. None of my own clips load to this software. Thinking that this might be because I was using the demo version, like a fool, I paid for the full version. Every time I load a clip to a slot that doesn't come original from the software, the pad it's assigned to on my Akai APC mini goes dark, and the slot becomes unusable on Windows 10,. I am using an i5 8300 with 8 GB ram and a Nvidia 1050 TI. I have made the clips into mp4 format, no good, made sure they were writable (not read only), no luck, moved them to another drive, no luck, uninstalled the software and reinstalled, no luck, even reinstalled widows and update my graphics drivers, no luck. Please assist me in figuring this out, the software is useless like this.