How to Config a grid cell to play the next row cell

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How to Config a grid cell to play the next row cell

Postby pedrorozo on 06 Dec 2018, 00:49

Hi .

I am new int he community but with a bit of previous experience creating my own loops with Ableton live and I am plannig to use remixlive to create my own packs , anyways here it is the scenario ...

Using my session view (grid of clips) in Ableton I built a quick song with 3 tracks(drums, bass, keyboard) and 6 song sections , exported the wav files (they worked in ableton perfectly) and I tried to create a new custom pack with remixlive (last version for windows) ....

The .wav files where created (18 files) and imported to remilve, but during my testing I did not find a way to configure that the cells of the first row (my intro) .. after 1 loop/shot can continue with the next cell (verse 1) .. and so on .(very commong for a hidrid approach" defaut playing sequence afetr the cell finish).. is there any suggestion/workaround to perform this simple transition ? though it is cool to trigger/ control everything in a dynamic way (tracks, instruments) if we are singing or playing on top of these tracks . we want to have a default transition for the cell (next loop by default not just looping) .. and that is a very standard feature in loop oriented software like ableton live (session view/ clip transitions) .... hope you understand my question . if not let me know if you need further info ...

Regards from Colombia,R

Pedro Rozo
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Re: How to Config a grid cell to play the next row cell

Postby Team@Mixvibes on 07 Dec 2018, 20:43

Hi pedrorozmo,

Have you tried using the auto-pilot? While not the exact same as what you need, you should be able to use it to have it advance to the next line at the preset beat value.

I can also forward this topic to the team to see if we can make the autopilot more advanced, so it would automatically play the next clip at the end of the current one regardless of the size.

Adam @Mixvibes
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