Top 5 Best Board games on Android - Going Back to The Classi

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Top 5 Best Board games on Android - Going Back to The Classi

Postby ClintonJMolina112 on 26 Oct 2018, 02:36

Board Games are a favorite activity for all ages, nowadays there are many apk games of these classics that you must play. Download the top apk games from the stores.

Board Games have been around for thousands of years. They’re perfect way to socialize while having some fun. Nowadays with the use of technology taking priority over the good old meet up, they have become a

bit obsolete.

However, good Board Games are never out of our lives for too long. The classics came to stay, but not they are available as apk games on the Google Android store.

Some of the games we recommend might have even been your childhood favorites, such as Battleships, Monopoly, Ludo, Scrabble, Pictionary, and more. I bet many of them ring a bell down the memory lane.

Read ahead and rediscover these classic games that can be enjoyed with friends and family alike.



Does the name Battleships sound familiar? Well, it is exactly what you are thinking. This classic from the last century has come to the Android platform in the shape of an apk game. Play with friends throuµgh your

smartphone anywhere you are.

Remember what it is to win a battle in the game, with the pure use of your wit. Don't play alone, share the fun. In this game usually, two players would set out positions for the vessels, and afterward is time to

assess where the opponent's ships might be. Get to destroying the enemy's fleet and gloat with your best friend for days to come.

An absolute must play, you can download the game freely at the Google Play store.

Click the link Downloader apk to download more Android games.


Who hasn't heard of Monopoly? This game is time-consuming, but it remains a classic. Now available on the Android platform is a legend amongst board games.

In case you don't know this all-time classic, here is how to play it. The players choose different tokens to represent them on the board. And the journey from rags to riches begins. Set out to be a mini-capitalist

businessman. It is lots of fun. Buy properties, build houses and hotels on them and your profit will be the revenue collected from the players that are unlucky enough to fall on those lands. With surprise cards and

other utilities to possess, it is the definitive game for a good old sleepover at a friends house.

It’s not so easy to download this game's apk. It is still available if you research further and it’s work worth doing. Here is a link that will make your job easier.

Monopoly apk’s game full download free:



Ludo is one of the most downloaded and played Android board games. Being a top download android game, it certainly has many features that play a role into this game's addictive gameplay.

Known as pachisi or parchis in some parts of the world, the original game comes from the Middle East.

It is a board game where four players possess four pieces of different colors. The board game is designed to have several key places, home or start, a path with safe places, and normal steps, and Finish line. The

goal is to see who can put the four pieces first on the Finish line.

It can be either short or long to play Ludo depending on many factors. A dice is used to determine how many steps each player must take at once.

This is a game for android that can be played offline. However, online gaming will allow you to play with strangers anytime, and not wait for your friends who might be busy. With a global scoreboard, aim to be the

best would you fall in love of this simple but old classic.

If you like downloading Android games, you should refer the link Hottest apk games for Android on Top1apk for downloading.


Scrabble is an absolute favorite of those trying to show off their language mastery. Now, it has been made a game for Android, and is very easy to download.

Available in many languages aside from English, the game’s apk is rather inclusive and has become a global phenomenon.

Scrabble is a very simple yet genius game. You will be given chips that have letters in them. Each letter has a self-score value, that can be increased by the board extra score tiles. The objective is to make words

and combined them throughout the board in a tangled mess. The winner is the person with the highest score.

A competitive game that will have you thinking for days on that perfect words to beat your friends. The game’s apk can be downloaded for free at your Google Store. No more missing letters and pieces under the

bed. Have it all in your phone one touch screen away.



The epitome of fun, who doesn’t like hilarious drawing with a good old guessing game? Pictionary is that and much more. Play with friends and end up laughing hours at a time.

This game's apk is best suited to be played on a wine night, or a sleepover, as time will fly by. You will be given a word, and you must draw something that resembles whatever that word is. Is your teammates' task

then to guess the original word. If you are a lousy drawer, for sure the laughs will come to stay.

Pictionary game for Android has many versions from different companies, find the one that better suits your gaming mode and play this phenomenally fun game. Test your drawing skills and your guessing skill,

sometimes alone, at times with friends.

All in all, the games we have mentioned above are great to share with friends, family and have a sociable, enjoyable time together with your loved ones. These classic board games have been adapted as apk

games to the Android platform sets a milestone for them to remain a part of our culture for many years to come.

All of the above-mentioned, Battleships, Monopoly, Ludo, Scrabble and Pictionary's apk can be downloaded freely, often in more than one version. Check them out and enjoy playing with others this all-time classics.

To get more types of Android games, you can go to the link Check out the best apk games for your Android.
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