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Sync not working - Need help fast

PostPosted: 26 Oct 2018, 00:00
by MrKite
I have Cross DJ 3.4.3 installed for a long time now. Running on Windows 8, the PC never connects to any network, dedicated DJ machine!

My Allen & Heath controller needed repair and that's taking much longer than expected.

So I was not planning any gigs, but now got called for a local party with lots of friends.... I agreed to play!

I setup an Akai APC 40 MIDI controller. Not really suited for DJ-ing, I use it for VJ and thought I only need start/stop, volume fader, bass and mid faders, filter and Fx knobs. So I mapped the APC in a way that it feels a bit normal to handle it, fine so far

I will use the PC's output, not having a phone or boot output should be OK for a hour set, all tracks have been tested before...


I have a track playing, all "Sync" buttons activated with the mouse, sync modus set to "Bar" (but same thing happens when set to "Beat" or "Cycle") Sync box checked in the preferences panel.

The BPM value of the other 3 tracks changes to the one of the master track that is playing.

Whenever I hit a play button (mapped or with the mouse).. The track just starts, no beat syncing , no waiting for the beginning of the bar.... And on the APC40 there are no jogwheels to manually adjust...

I need to be able to mix these tracks by Saturday evening. I tried all the obvious,... Disable and enable sync, close mixvibes, reboot,...

I also tested the "security" mode, but this is also not working, I can drop a track on the one that's playing and it stops and the new track is loaded. I had this in the past and by installing a newer version it was fixed. But I don't find a newer version than 3.4.3... and this is a minor issue... The sync should work for me now...this Is just extra info.

I always loved the clear and fast responses on this forum, never did I regret my choice for mixvibes software. I'm sure you can help on this one too, but time is short...

Kind regards to everybody,


Re: Sync not working - Need help fast

PostPosted: 26 Oct 2018, 01:31
by Team@Mixvibes
Hi Jimmy,

Sorry to hear of your troubles with Cross DJ 3.4.3 on Windows.

For your sync issues you might try turning on snap and/or quantize to get the desired effect. You can also adjust the value for quantize and snap to the right of the on/off buttons. Also mapping the CUE or the locators, and the bend up/down command might help in keeping the tracks lined up manually, if quantize and snap don't seem to help.

I haven't been able to replicate the security bug on my Mac so it might be something to do with Windows only, though I do remember security mode would not work at all when using CDJs as HID controllers with Cross 3.4.3 on Mac. I no longer have the CDJs but am thinking it might be connected.

If I remember right "Security Mode" would not work when using the browse/load knob on a CDJ but did work if I tried to use a key or custom MIDI map.

Have you tried loading using "Shift + right or left arrow" or a MIDI command, instead of drag and dropping the track? To find them and map them to a MIDI button, look in the "Tracks Rack" section on the MIDI mapping page.

Please let us know if you have other questions, need any help getting things mapped or figuring out sync.

Adam @Mixvibes

Re: Sync not working - Need help fast

PostPosted: 27 Oct 2018, 12:57
by discopex
When Sync Link is unticked (by default) in preferences, a track will play in sync with master directly when a sync key or button is depressed.

Re: Sync not working - Need help fast

PostPosted: 20 Dec 2018, 08:58
by MrKite

a bit late, but I post this in case somebody encounters the same kind of trouble.I simply reinstalled Mixvibes over the old version and sync was working again! (I did backup my collection prior to this, but that was not needed. Never a bad idea to make a backup...

Concerning the safety mode... I loaded a track while another track was playing (I was just excercising and experimenting). I could do it again... Then checked, security mode was checked... unchecked the option in the "General"panel and checked it again. After that loading a track in a deck that was playing was no longer possible...

Just something to check when I go play in public !