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Remixvideo 1.4 Fail

PostPosted: 24 Oct 2018, 21:42
by hifiusa2
I am a user of Remixvideo Pro from this year Paid the Price - Paid the Apple Store $ for Remixvideo 1.4 Update - Opened, Non-Functional - went back to 1.3 Opened wanted License Code - Thank God I had IT - but it did not work on my existing Version 1.3 - Had to re-download & put License in again! Thank God it worked I am in the middle of a video! But 1.4? Paid for it Dead! Took My Money & gave me nothing functional - Come on Guys! You really need to get your act together! When Remixvideo works it is great BUT... Mixvibes Must present a more professional Vibe! I Like what your doing but is Remixvideo 1.4 Real? Not on My Machine! Holding off on App Store Review, GearSlutz Review, Etc., giving You a Chance here... Best!

Re: Remixvideo 1.4 Fail

PostPosted: 25 Oct 2018, 07:31
by RoJeC
You're the second user reporting this. Sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately this isn't something that can easily be tested. The team will try to fix this issue.

Re: Remixvideo 1.4 Fail

PostPosted: 25 Oct 2018, 21:18
by hifiusa2
Paid for 1.4 @ App store, no serial#/no license, re-installed & re-entered original license in to 1.3, works but I have a $ hole in my pocket. Does 1.3 have to be removed before 1.4? Try that on your systems. Look I am a Pro, I do paid work, I work betas when I can, not often anymore, something is f'ed up with the installer, right? Translation your comment is not reassuring to anyone of your current paid users... com' on guys! Please!

Re: Remixvideo 1.4 Fail

PostPosted: 25 Oct 2018, 23:12
by RoJeC
Problems can only be fixed if known.

You can try the version that was released today or wait some days to notice if others still experience the issue.

And FYI all moderators at this forum are users just like you. Doing this for free and pay for products just like you.

Most work as professional just like you but likely with a different act.

Re: Remixvideo 1.4 Fail

PostPosted: 26 Oct 2018, 01:38
by Team@Mixvibes
Sorry about the confusion! I think the issue stems from the fact that now there are 2 separate versions of Remixvideo. The Mac App Store version no longer includes a full license for Remixvideo Pro, but the price should be lower for this version.

You should be able to register your license here on the forums to unlock the full version of Remixvideo Pro, which can only be downloaded through Mixvibes, either here on the forums after registering or from the download link sent after purchasing, though these do expire eventually, which is why we strongly suggest registering your license here on the forums,
I hope this makes sense, and again sorry for the confusion. If this doesn't seem to work then there must be something that needs to be fixed for this new version of Remixvideo Pro, but we will get this figured out and get you the full 1.4 version asap!

Adam @Mixvibes

Re: Remixvideo 1.4 Fail

PostPosted: 26 Oct 2018, 02:31
by hifiusa2
Good Response Adam,
Purchased Remixvideo Pro 1.3 Jrr Shop.
Received License from Jrr Shop, Jrr Shop received the license from Mixvibes.
Purchased Remixvideo 1.4 from iTunes. (Assume this is Pro)
Today I trashed 1.3 app.
Opened 1.4, Reinstalled Expansions, Works.
BPM is not showing.
+ & - Fail.
Typing in BPM Fails.
How do I set BPM in 1.4?

Re: Remixvideo 1.4 Fail

PostPosted: 26 Oct 2018, 19:58
by hifiusa2
OK Adam, I pray I get a current download link very soon! My License Code for Pro 1.3 is now Registered here.
I just read another fellows problem, the same as mine, we both paid for the update. Would love to move forward & give remixvideo pro 1.4 some positive reviews! I was able to get 1.3 to work where so many could not, I see the incredible potential for remixvideo!
Best & I will be looking for that link in email...
UPDATE: Opened 1.4 in Logic, asked for License, input License from 1.3 & worked.
Standalone 1.4, BPM Fails, Tap works but nothing else.
So there you go Adam, I still need a Link, Best

OK, Just Found & Downloaded 1.4.3 in Downloads, Opened Standalone, License Request, Input License from 1.3, BOOM!, Up & Running! :D Good Work Folks!!!

Still out the $ using your Apple App Store Link... Maybe a Sample Pack?

Back to work for Me, Great Job!!!

(Left the previous for others who may have a problem)

Re: Remixvideo 1.4 Fail

PostPosted: 26 Oct 2018, 23:25
by hifiusa2
Tested Remixvideo 1.4.3 in DAW Logic 10.4.2 Great!!!
(Would Love to control from outboard MIDI in DAW but haven't figured that out YET!)

Tested Stand Alone - Great!!!

You have a Monster on your hands!
I am in Love!