Cross recording problem

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Cross recording problem

Postby LimKing on 01 Apr 2018, 09:53

Hello guys! I am using Cross 3.0.1 with mixvibes U-Mix 44 and timecode vinyls, but i have a problem with recording. The thing is that i can only play the timecodes with option: "external mixer", but with that option, i cant record any music.
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Re: Cross recording problem

Postby RoJeC on 01 Apr 2018, 11:36

You can only record internal Cross when output is not one of the 'external mixer' settings. As in that situation Cross doesn't know your mixed output unless you send it back to a Cross input (record the aux e.g.)

The tc is handled via inputs as set in your tc tab settings in prefernces, so independant of your output settings.

However thirst thing to do woud be to upgrade Cross and make sure you're using current drivers, especially when using W10.

If you provide some more details on your setup it will be possible to direct you to the info.. Like the grey header on top of each topic.


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Re: Cross recording problem

Postby LimKing on 01 Apr 2018, 12:37

Thank you very much for now! I will re-check everything again and if i have more troubles, will send some pictures.
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