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Soundcloud Playlists

Postby tugsmedaily on 30 Mar 2018, 05:19

I've been using the full version of Cross DJ with my DDJ-SB2 since this past Christmas. It is now March 29, 2018, so it's going on 4 months now I've been using this software, and within the past month the capability of using the playlists on my SoundCloud (SC) account is not there. Now when you go to the SC account and click on "Playlists" or the arrow beside it that usually creates a drop down list of your playlists, nothing happens. This is a huge problem that could really help this application get ahead of other softwares, as well as assist DJs to have access to an organized online pool of music that can be played in real time. It would mean so much to myself and other DJs using this tool if someone could get this fixed.

Thank you.
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Re: Soundcloud Playlists

Postby Team@Mixvibes on 01 Apr 2018, 04:37

Hi tugs,

Sorry you have suddenly ben unable to use SoundCloud with Cross DJ.

I haven't been able to replicate any SoundCloud connectivity issues, other than a few tracks that I have on playlists that will not show up in Cross DJ (after some research this could be because artists can choose to disable playback outside of SoundCloud if they wish).

Please try deleting the mixvibes.settings file to see if that clears up your issue.

For windows go to(you may need to enable hidden folders): c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\mixvibes\

For mac just search for the mixvibes.settings file.

This a new file will be automatically generated the next time you start up Cross DJ and you will need to set up your hardware and SoundCloud account info again.

Hopefully this helps!

Adam @Mixvibes
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