Saccades video jerks

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Saccades video jerks

Postby tutu13 on 23 Nov 2017, 15:05

Hi Everybody

Cross 3.4.3 64bit
/ MacPro / Sierra / nVidia GeForce GTX 960

By playing a mp4 1080p clip on my 2nd screen,
Cross makes some jerks
while the movements are fluid when read by VLC.

I disabled Record Video Output, as well as Siphon Output,
Default Video Track Sync Mode on "None",
All Effects on "None"
All Transitions disabled except Screen,
and Maximum capture device quality on "Very Low (240p)"

What else to do?
Could Cross use the VLC engine to play the video?

Thank you

Salut tout le monde,

En lisant un clip mp4 1080p sur mon 2ème écran,
Cross fait quelques saccades
alors que les mouvements sont fluides lorsqu'il est lu par VLC .

j'ai désactivé Record Video Output, ainsi que Syphon Output,
Default Video Track Sync Mode sur "None",
Tous les Effects sur "None"
Toutes les Transitions désactivées sauf Screen,
et Maximum capture device quality sur "Very Low (240p)"

Qu'y a-t-il à faire d'autre?
Cross pourrait-il utiliser le moteur de VLC pour lire la video?

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Re: Saccades video jerks

Postby RoJeC on 24 Nov 2017, 09:38

VLC can only stream a track. Cross loads a track to memory for making it possible to all kinds of actions in appx 1ms, whereas vlc has a few options each taking significant more time, upto seconds.

Also it's not the track that's being send as output but a rendered output from upto 13 video sources with additional FX's. So VLC is something completely differnt.

If you have glitches you may also want to check if other programs are using CPU capacity, have tracks analyzed before using and have sufficeint free disk space, disable sync of data.


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Re: Saccades video jerks

Postby tutu13 on 24 Nov 2017, 10:38

thanx for your reply, now I understand;
1-Where to disable "sync of data" ??
2-can we disable iSight?
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Re: Saccades video jerks

Postby Team@Mixvibes on 26 Nov 2017, 20:32

Hello tutu13,

I think RoJeC was saying to make sure you disable any other programs that are syncing data/files over WiFi.

Disabling iSight is fine if you don't plan to use the webcam feed in Cross, but shouldn't be impacting performance much.

It might be worth it to try force quitting all other programs besides Cross (Apple logo in top left, then 'Force Quit...') and make sure WiFi and bluetooth are turned off.

If none f that helps you can try re-encoding the video. There are many free tools available online to do this, I personally use Handbrake and can confirm that all videos I have encoded worked well in Cross.

I hope some of this helps!

Adam @Mixvibes
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Re: Saccades video jerks

Postby tutu13 on 27 Nov 2017, 12:32

I encode all my videos with Handbrake,
I sent you an example video at
so that you can compare the fluidity between playback in Quicktime or VLC and playback in Cross on a second screen.
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