Trigger RemixVideo with an AUX input

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Trigger RemixVideo with an AUX input

Postby Klar on 01 Nov 2017, 00:41

Hello. I am interested in buying Mixxvibes Remix Video and wish to run it a bit differently than the norm...

I would be playing audio from another source and wanted to send an "aux" feed into another computer or iPad running Mixxvibes... Triggering the video that way rather than paying any pads or loading video with audio associated with it. I am only interested in triggering the video to move in time with audio from another system. Can I do that?

Also, how do I go about buying more content for it? Is it all strictly through the store built into the program?
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Re: Trigger RemixVideo with an AUX input

Postby RoJeC on 01 Nov 2017, 23:26

check out the vid where is auto reacted to the input. Might be what you're looking for.

It's not to clear what you're trying to achieve nor why. If you want to really trigger full length vids likely it's not gone work.

There are multiple options to link between systems, like ableton link, use as plugin. So please explain why this won't work for you. Might make it easier to guide you in your creativity.


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Re: Trigger RemixVideo with an AUX input

Postby Klar on 02 Nov 2017, 00:18

Hello. It appears that yes I will be able to do what I was asking about. It went by quick, but at 51 seconds into video two on the page you referred me to, it listed the "live audio input". I would be running music on one computer, "Livevideo" on a second computer, and of course would send and AUX from my QSC mixer to feed the "live audio input" on the second computers audio interface. I had only wondered if it could receive audio that way rather than refer to it via attached audio on the loops themselves. I actually have no intention of using any audio attached to a loop. I only want the visual loops to be part of the light show.

I am DJing and using a large projection screen along with traditional dance lighting. The video loops are just something different when it comes to light show setups compared to a lot of other DJ's.
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