Cross DJ and macOS High Sierra

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Cross DJ and macOS High Sierra

Postby Munkeycop on 26 Sep 2017, 08:13

Hi there.

Has anyone tried Cross DJ on macOS High Sierra yet? Are there any issues at all? I'm reluctant to upgrade in case it breaks anything.

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Re: Cross DJ and macOS High Sierra

Postby Team@Mixvibes on 15 Oct 2017, 20:16

Hello Munkeycop,

I asked the team about this but haven't gotten an answer yet. I have not seen any reports by users about issues after updating to High Sierra, but this could be because no one is updating yet since there has been no confirmation that it will work.

I plan on testing this myself this week and will report back with any useful info.

Thanks for your patience,
Adam @Mixvibes
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Re: Cross DJ and macOS High Sierra

Postby Munkeycop on 17 Oct 2017, 22:23

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your reply, looking forward to your findings. I guess I should also mention that I'm using a U-Mix Control Pro 2 so I suppose its a question of whether the current drivers will still work as well.

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Re: Cross DJ and macOS High Sierra

Postby Sean McClafferty on 25 Oct 2017, 23:51

Also wondering about this question. Any updates?
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Sean McClafferty
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Re: Cross DJ and macOS High Sierra

Postby HawnSolo on 06 Nov 2017, 18:41

Hi all,

I was able to test out Cross 3.4.3 on a 2012 non-retina 13" MacBook pro and it seemed to work just fine.

All of my MIDI controllers work and I was able to test DVS and had no problems. I also ran autoplay for over 4 hours and didn't experience a single issue.

Now I plan on upgrading my main laptop (2012 15" retina MacBook pro) and will report back any issues. I will also test out my CDJ 850s in HID, 4 deck playback and video.

It is worth noting that you should check with your hardware manufacturer to make sure that your sound card will work with High Sierra. Rane gave the okay for the 64 mixer, which is why I decided to upgrade.
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