Cue and sync with timecode CD's

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Cue and sync with timecode CD's

Postby RoelD on 07 Jul 2017, 14:06


I'm using Mixvibes Cross 3.3.11 with timecode CD's on Pioneer CDJ 1000's and an external mixer. I have Snapping and Quantize enabled and Sync mode is set to 1 beat, Sync Link is turned off.

I prefer to work in Relative mode as I want to take advantage of the loop and match/sync possibilities of Mixvibes.

Now, I find it hard to CUE a track at the beginning of the track: when a track is loaded in a deck, a CUE point is created on the downbeat. How do I quickly navigate to this CUE point? According to the manual, the keyboard shortcut 'C' makes the playhead return to the CUE point and the ENTER key should start playing the track from the CUE point. I seems that none of these keys are working in a timecode setup (C button moves/sets the CUE point, basically same as SHIFT+C). If I use the Cue button on the Pioneer deck to cue the track (as with a regular CD), the playhead does not return to the location where I set it before (I suppose I have to work in Absolute mode for this).

My goal is to start playing a new track from the first beat, perfectly synced and snapped to the other playing deck (comparable to the behavior of the CDJ 2000 with Rekordbox).

Currently, I have two workarounds to achieve this:
1) Create an auto-loop on the first bar of the track, play the loop, match/sync the new track to the playing track, immediately disable the auto-loop when the new track kicks in.
2) Create a hot cue on the cue point ('1' in Mixvibes, not on the CDJ). Play the new track, match/sync it to the playing track and press the '1' button to kick off the new track spot on the first beat.

Ultimately, I prefer to use the Cue and Play/Pause buttons on the Pioneer decks instead of the laptop keyboard.

Also, I thought that 'Snapping enabled' would snap the nearest beat to the current beat of the playing track, but apparently that's not how it works in Mixvibes. I have tried the Sync Link feature, but I have the impression that this is not really meant to be a feature in a timecode setup. I didn't manage to CUE and sync tracks correctly. Maybe I'm missing something here?

Help, ideas or workflow suggestions are very welcome!

Thanks for your help,

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Re: Cue and sync with timecode CD's

Postby RoJeC on 07 Jul 2017, 15:16

First I would recommend to upgrade to the latest version 3.4.3.
Though this won't change the behaviour.

The Cue of Cross returns to Cue point (cue/pause) IF the deck is active.
ELSE you set the Cue point to the current position.

Shift C sets Cue point to current position all the time.


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