Connect Pioneer CDJ 850 (by USB) with PC & U-Mix Control Pro

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Re: Connect Pioneer CDJ 850 (by USB) with PC & U-Mix Control

Postby jaguarrr on 24 Oct 2016, 15:06

I've changed MIDI channels from the very beginnig - 1 and 2 on the 1st and the second CDJ -> no reaction
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Re: Connect Pioneer CDJ 850 (by USB) with PC & U-Mix Control

Postby RoJeC on 24 Oct 2016, 15:42

It seems to me that in your (logical) frustration to get it to work some details are not fully clear. You might have skipped these as they are 'basic', but the opposite side is that it seems a basic problem somehow.

So, though I'm not fully familiar of your setup I'll try to summarize.

- using Cross 3.3.11(?) in W10(?)

- only use 32bit version of Cross. Please keep doing this until it works; after this you could give 64bit a try; for audio the 32bit is just as good and avoids any driver related issue.

- You're using the latest CDJ drivers: to be sure to not have W10 update issues please reinstall these. Just takes a minute and in some occasions has resolved audio problems.

- always first connect the CDJ's and only after the OS has recognized the devices start Cross. This applies for any soundcard or MIDI device. Cross does not get updated once it's working.
Cross can control 6 (or was it 8..) MIDI devices at the same time.

- verify (once more) your CDJ's are both setup to use MIDI. Please reply which channels you actually set your CDJ2 to (not explicitly clear from your reply).

- Please upload your MIDI mapping. Maybe FigDJ will figure out if something needs to be modified. He by far is the MIDI (mapping) expert.


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Re: Connect Pioneer CDJ 850 (by USB) with PC & U-Mix Control

Postby jaymarkus on 25 Oct 2016, 07:17

is it even possible? MIDI controller as mixer and 2 cdj in hid mode? I have already used sometimes 2 cdj 2000 nexus in Hid mode and an external mixer, there was no problem. Loading Asio drivers Pioneer, usb on laptop plugged on cdj menu player 1 and player 2 selected immediately everything worked
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