My Feedback using Cross DJ with U-Mix Control Pro

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My Feedback using Cross DJ with U-Mix Control Pro

Postby cipher on 30 Mar 2011, 12:33

Hi Everyone,

first I have to say that the Cross DJ and the U-Mix Control Pro is my first digital setup but i'm into semi professional DJing for almost 15 Years now.
So far i love the Software and the Controller. However I only tested it for 2 days now and there are a few things that i expected to be different.

First my setup:
Cross DJ 1.5.1, U-Mix Control Pro, Windows 7 PC (testing with MAC this weekend to check differences).

Issue 1:
As someone mentioned earlier it is not possible to output the Master through the PC Soundcard while using the U-Mix soundcard for headphone cueing. You can either choose to use the PC soundcard and route the Cross outputs through it or you choose the U-Mix ASIO drivers to route the Cross channels through the USB device. It is not possible to mix it up. I tried all different drivers (DirectSound, Creative ASIO (for internal Soundcard), U-Mix ASIO, ASIO4ALL) with no luck.
The only workaround is to use the U-Mix ASIO and route the Output1/2 via cinchcable back into my PC soundcard line-in, which is pretty "not so elegant" when you think about it.

Issue 2:
When using the U-Mix in vinyl mode scratching on the pads seems to be way louder than the actual track normaly playing. You have to almost close the crossfader for the channel entirely if you want to scratch in order to keep the volume level constant. After letting the scratch pad go (and the track goes on) you have to open the crossfader very quickly again. In common mixing techniques like "scratching in" a track or "backspinning" at the end this issue becomes very annoying.
The same thing appears to happen when using effects (especially the hi-pass filters) - the sound gets louder and louder the more you bring in the effect (and again you have to correct the volume for the channel).

Issue 3:
Let's say you have a nice position for scratching somewhere in a track. So i set a cue-point to that position and put the U-Mix channel in vinyl mode. The normal behaviour when hitting the cue-button is that the track begins to play from the cue position and stops as soon as i release the cue button again. So far so good - but when you do some scratching inbetween, the track won't stop when you release the cue button - that was not what i expected. Is that intentional?

Issue 4:
If you have a track playing at let's say +4.5% pitch - for obvious reasons it's not longer possible to choose a 4% pitch range for the pitch control (It's is grayed out). But if you want to toggle through the pitch range values with your U-Mix device you get stuck when reaching the grayed out value - you can not jump "over" the grayed out value and you're pitch range is stuck. The only way to change it again is using the computer mouse.

Don't get me wrong i really like to work with this setup - but there are always things that can be improved so I just wanted to tell you what i would change for future versions if it was up to me :)

PS: I love the beat synchronized "delay+"-Effect. And I'd love to see a low-pass effect in future version of Cross DJ :)

comments are welcome
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Re: My Feedback using Cross DJ with U-Mix Control Pro

Postby Support@MixVibes on 30 Mar 2011, 13:09

issue 1 :
should work with these settings

issue 2 :
we are aware of it and already working on a solution to have a 'constant' volume.

issue 3 :
Known bug, that is already fixed, should be available in a next update.

issue 4 :
Noted, will see what the dev can offer as a solution for this. ;)

Thank you for your detailled feedback (great value !).
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Re: My Feedback using Cross DJ with U-Mix Control Pro

Postby cipher on 31 Mar 2011, 09:12

Thumbs up for the quick reply. Good to see that there is for all things work in progress. Im going to send new bug reports when i find them.
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Re: My Feedback using Cross DJ with U-Mix Control Pro

Postby Support@MixVibes on 31 Mar 2011, 11:21

Don't hesitate to do so : some may be known but most of them aren't (I hope not) :mrgreen:
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