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Cross DJ Version 4.1.0

PostPosted: 21 Sep 2019, 13:35
by Hanginon
It looks like a new build of Cross DJ, Version 4.1.0, was added to the downloads section on 18 Sept 2019 by TinouCAS.

No Release Notes, no mention of it here. What the heck???

Re: Cross DJ Version 4.1.0

PostPosted: 23 Sep 2019, 18:30
by Hanginon
Wow, the complete lack of a response says it all!!

Re: Cross DJ Version 4.1.0

PostPosted: 24 Sep 2019, 09:53
by RoJeC
Seems autoplay works according to set preference now.

So only thing left in AUtolpay is to roll back to the way it worked before v4.
- clear buttons
- no load/play when trying to edit in the grid

Pretty sure the only issue there was in the wanted list is to be able to activate autoplay when being in live mode. ("take a leak" button :eek: ).
Instead everything that worked great was forcefully redesigned and suggestions ignored. (to end positive: the autofade time button bug was finally resolved: it's visible again in the GUI where it is used...)

Re: Cross DJ Version 4.1.0

PostPosted: 24 Sep 2019, 11:44
by Hanginon
I tried it (64 bit), but quickly moved back to V3.4.3. When running 4.1.0, the CPU load is twice as high, and the waveforms are very jittery - this is on a fully optimized Windows 7 i5 laptop, 8gig memory, NVIDIA GeForce GT330m W/1gb. Obviously not the latest, but it runs Serato DJ Pro, Traktor Pro 3, and MIXXX perfectly.

How much horsepower do you need to run this? Any other ideas??