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Remixlive + Cross DJ for iOS 11

PostPosted: 20 Sep 2017, 19:44
by Team@Mixvibes
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Remixlive 3.2 adds iOS 11’s brand new Drag and Drop feature, letting you exchange files with compatible apps quicker than ever.

Drag and Drop provides a simple way to move samples, recordings and packs between Files —the counterpart to the MacOS Finder— and Remixlive. Sounds stored locally or in the cloud can hence be dragged directly onto the grid.

It is also possible to move sounds from Cross DJ to Remixlive: create a loop in Cross DJ 3.3, drag it in Remixlive and let the beat drop!

Adding iOS 11 full compatibility
- Optimized for iOS 11.
- Enhanced user experience through Drag and Drop + Files compatibility.

Improved file management with Drag and Drop
- Move samples, recordings & packs between Remixlive and Files.
- Easily import files stored locally or on cloud services.

A creative inter-app workflow
- Export looped sections of tracks played in Cross DJ.
- Drag and Drop the loop in Remixlive to remix it.

Download Remixlive 3.2 for iOS
Download Cross DJ Free 3.3 for iOS