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My mixes!

PostPosted: 19 Feb 2019, 10:47
by farhanashraf
I DJ on the side as a hobby. Music has always been my passion so it helps me get away from the daily BS in life.
i spin mostly, hip hop, house, reggaeton, dancehall, afrobeats, and international.

Here are all of my mixes: They are mostly 80 min mixes and are available for download.

My recent hip hop mix: I call this trapped in hip hop because i mix some trap with some new hip hop as well as some old school. Ready to bump and grind? ;-D ... p-hop-mix/
This is a mix for my people who love everything from hip hop to reggaeton to moombahton to dancehall to azonto to soca. Ready to go for a ride? ;-D ... afari-mix/
Here is my next urban mix edition. I have a bit of old skool and new age hip hop, along with some reggaeton and afrobeats, fit for a block party happening downtown. Take a listen? :D ... party-mix/
This is the mix made for one of the events i djed at a venue called Intersect by Lexus here in Dubai. Its a got a bit of everything for everyone to start boogeying. Wanna start dancing? Hit play :D ... rsect-mix/
I call this is the kingdom mix because it covers a wide variety of music: genres and languages. it does get a bit intense in the tail end. Can you handle it? :D ... ngdom-mix/

I finally did a dancehall mix! A WAH GWAN! :p ... n-jerk-mix
2nd mix for the love of carribean music. Straight outta carribean! ;) ... ibean-mix/
Finally! I made an afro beat mix! 80 mins! can u handle it? :D ... o-dxb-mix/
Well i had to mix my love of afrobeats and danzhall into 1 mix so here it goes. See if you can sit still! ... zhall-mix/

Well finally, i made a soca mix! i have never made a mix that is as fast paced as this mix! Guaranteed to make u sweat your butt off! I dont know if you can handle it after the 1 hr mark. Over 80 tracks. Ready? ;D There is a link in the description for you to DL it if you wish. :) ... tness-mix/

My 1st reggaeton mix: 70 mins, 100 tracks. How did it come out? Well see for yourself? ;-D There is a link in the description for you to DL it if you wish. :) ... ierto-mix/
This is part 2 of my reggaeton mix and a tribute to where i started listening to reggaeton. The mean streets of Lawrence, Massachusetts! Ya tu sabe! Vamosa bailar! There is a link in the description for you to DL it if you wish. :) ... atina-mix/
Well i covered 100 tracks in my 1st reggaeton mix, how about 150 tracks in 80 mins? This one is for the streets! ... calle-mix/
This reggaeton mix has some of the new age and some of the old school flava. This 120 song mix one is for the dancefloor! ... viejo-mix/

1st deep house mix: for the morning commute to work :) ... lounge-mix
2nd deep house mix: for the drive back home at the end of work week getting ready for the weekend :) ... lounge-mix
3rd deep house mix: for the pregaming drinks/drive to the club :) ... -party-mix
4th deep house mix: for all those sheesha smokers who like to relax to some sweet sexy beats ;-D ... lounge-mix
5th deep house mix: this was recorded live for someone who was celebrating a special occasion. Start with a toast of champagne and carry on dancing all night long :) ... ration-mix
6th deep house mix: This is something i would play in the red light district to get things rolling :P ... -star-mix/
7th deep house mix: I want you to close your eyes and immerse yourself in deep vision of music, beats, rhythm, and groove! ... vibes-mix/
This is a mix i made to get you ready for the summer. Give you the vibes of a boat party where you cant stop dancing till you have to jump into the water to cool down! ... vibes-mix/
This is for the party to start of low key chillin and then go all the way to the top of the burj and dance! ;-D ... f-burj-mix
Imagine a surprise block party happening in dubai. Well here is the music for it ;-D ... b-danz-mix
This is a tribute to my OG hometown Abu Dhabi and a party at Emirates palace where you party with the fast and the furious. This is the first time i have done a progressive mix. Its a bit fast paced so not for the faint of heart ;D ... -party-mix

Mix i recorded live when i was djing on the radio back home: ... adio-house
my last mix before i left US: ... ewell-mix/
My 1st mix since i moved back to home sweet home, feel free to dl and take a listen, ... weet-house
party in paris baby, SYNERGY Events style: ... -paris-mix
This is a house mix i made last summer while i got bored! haha ... izzla-mix/
This is a house mix i made for the style cruise we had last summer. ... ruise-mix/
This is a mix i recorded live when i djed at the liberty hotel for one of their fashion thursday events! :D ... berty-mix/
this is a houz mix i made when i went on hiatus for a vaca last winter! hope u like it! ... iatus-mix/
This is a mix i made during the fall of 2010. So i called it fallout 2k10! house mix! ... -2k10-mix/
This is a mix that i made with songs strictly at 132 bpm. 80 min mix, ... n-132-mix/

this is a mix i made thinking that this kind of mix would be played in the international lounge of the Boston logan airport, where people from different backgrounds, cultures, traditions and ethnicities swing by each other for a moment and then go their own way. ... ounge-mix/ ... debut-mix/ ... debut-mix/

my new year's eve mix baby! :D ... n-nye-mix/
i recorded live at our annual timeless new years eve event! ... eless-mix/
the after party to our timeless new years eve event mix! :D ... party-mix/
this is the mix i recorded life at the hotel after party of our timeless new years eve event! ... party-mix/

old hip hop mixes: ... debut-mix/ ... suite-mix/ ... e-blu-mix/ ... -ritz-mix/ ... ssics-mix/ ... -hype-mix/ ... beats-mix/ ... s-red-mix/ ... ed-mix-ii/ ... etune-mix/ ... -week-mix/ ... -felt-mix/ ... lt-mix-ii/

this is an arabic mix i made that can used in a lounge for cocktails and such. ... ktail-mix/
my 1st ever arabic dance mix! ... debut-mix/ ... air-arabic ... air-arabic

1st bollywood mix: ... -beatz-mix
2nd bollywood mix: Indian superspices - a collection of lab-inspired indian tracks using different style of beats in abundance... Wanna taste? Its spicy and gonna make you jump off yo seat! ;-D ... spices-mix
3rd bollywood mix: Its jampacked full of beats, so not for the faint of the heart ;-P ... i-danz-mix
This is my 1st ever bhangra mix! hope u enjoy! ... debut-mix/
This is my 2nd ever bhangra mix! hope u enjoy! ... ut-mix-ii/
This is the 1st part of a mix i recorded live when i opened for bally sagoo at rise! :D ... ening-mix/
this is the 2nd part of the opening mix i recorded live when i djed for bally sagoo at rise! :D ... ng-mix-ii/

Re: My mixes!

PostPosted: 02 Mar 2019, 08:13
by farhanashraf

i currently have the following setup: TTX x 2, DJM-350, RMX-1000, EFX-1000, and a hercules rmx for my mobile gigs.

Ive been eyeing the SZ2 for a long time but couldnt justify the price. I saw a killer deal on Ebay and finally pulled the trigger. I just love how this controller is literally an all in one and has everything you need. I DJ a lot of private events and in my opinion is a perfect. I just need that and my laptop and i dont need to worry about any extra wiring between the individual controllers, remix consoles or the mixer. i was going to get a SP1 but with the SZ2, i dont even need that anymore. I am really excited about it even though i know it is huge and heavy and not ideal for club gigs. My place is to have a DVS setup with the SZ2 and the TTs but it will be interesting with the TTs beeing so far away from the crossfader. I dont scratch that much but i would like to start learning on the TTs and not on the SZ2 jogwheels. If i do DJ in the clubs, i can just take my serato box and work with the existing club setup.

so i did search for posts regarding the ddj-sz2 but didnt see a whole lot. I wanted to reach out to the existing sz2 users and let me know what you guys like and dislike about it. i want to utilise it to the max and plan to keep it for a while. I dont think all-in-1 controllers like these come around that often. yes it might be pricery and big and heavy, but besides that, whaddayall think?

Re: My mixes!

PostPosted: 04 Mar 2019, 18:46
by farhanashraf
this is a set for those burning man lovers. get lost in my beats and burn your soul from inside! ... esert-mix/